Waqf Establishment for prospective Studies

Prospective Studies Center

The Prospective Studies center is a Non-profit center affiliated to Waqf Establishment for prospective studies in Riyadh. License No. 1010415828, date: 30 / 7 / 1435 AH, based on Waqf deed which was issued by the Endowments Office in Riyadh. License No.: 3521534, date: 23 / 7 / 1435 AH.

Including the Board of Supervisors which is made up of:

  • Dr.Khaled Ebn Abdu El-Aziz Al Hemedy
  • Prof. Dr.: Saleh Ebn Hussein Al-Aide
  • Sheikh: Saleh Ben Mohamed Al-Twegry
  • Dr. Abdu El-Aziz Ben Rashid Al-Materdy
  • Dr.Abdu El Aziz Ebn Abdu Al Rahman Al Dahsh Al Twegry.

The Establishment was recommended by a group of leading scientists in the country, led by: Highness Sheikh: Abdu-Allah Al-Motlak, Highness Sheikh Abdu-Allah Al-Khaneen, it is important to state that the Center vision, mission and objectives are summarized as follows:


Leadership in foreseeing the future.

The message

Providing scientific studies and visions in all areas that contribute to the reality personification besides looking forward to brighter future.

Objectives of the Center:

1. Providing information, data and research in the field of prospective studies.

2. Formulating visions and providing prospective consultation that contribute to various aspects of development.

3- Building up and deploying prospective culture.

4. Holding on partnerships with personnel in addition to internal and external bodies of relevant authorities.

Means of achieving goals:

1. Carrying out Studies and researches.

2- Providing specialized consultations.

3- Holding on various scientific meetings (conferences – Seminars – Workshops – Search).

4 – Building databases in the center aspects of interests.

5- Carrying out surveys, statistics, and questionnaires. 

6- Creating a web site for the center on the internet besides taking the advantage of Social Media Network Websites. 

7- Establishing training courses.

8- Issuing books and periodic reports.

9- Translation and publishing.

10. Communication with other centers and relevant authorities.

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